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International Search Consultants (ISC) is an elite group of experienced headhunting search consultants who specialize in finding upper echelon professionals for companies in a strong growth mode, with extensive hiring needs. We excel at simultaneously filling multiple management positions on a nationwide, as well as international basis.

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ISC Excels at High Volume Recruitment

If you have high volume executive headhunting recruiting needs, you have come to the right place.

ISC conducts searches on both a Retained, as well as a Contingency basis, depending on our Clients needs.

We also offer the ‘Container’ Search, for clients with multiple openings for the same position, we can offer X number of candidates for one low fee, with no other money due, no matter how many candidates you eventually hire out of that ‘container’ of candidates.

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What Makes Our Search Services Different?

When a company has massive hiring needs, they typically will utilize multiple recruiting agencies. This results in large candidate tracking responsibilities on the side of the client company, as well as the repetition involved in reviewing job profiles and hiring protocols multiple times, with each different agency. With ISC, we establish ONE point of contact, and we assign MULTIPLE career search teams to your project. Our business model is one of a TEAM EFFORT.

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